Closeup on the iPhone 6 Plus Zoom

My iPhone 6 Plus zoom seems to be proving me wrong.

I always thought digital zoom was useless when taking a digital photo.

The flowers on this Crassula are really tiny.

Flowering Crassula succulent plant
Flowering Crassula

The iPhone 6 Plus zoom is easy to use. You just pinch out with two fingers. The amount of zoom is shown on a slider as well as on the screen.

macro crassula iphone6+ zoom

This phone does have the advantage of image stabilisation. Nevertheless, when taking an iPhone 6 Plus zoom shot, do hold the phone as steady as you can.

Painter Mobile Brushes

I’m a long time Corel Painter fan. Was thrilled to discover there’s now a Painter Mobile. For once a major mobile drawing and painting app is not available exclusively for iPads. Painter Mobile is for Android tablets only.

I’ve been lucky enough to try the inspiring selection of Painter Mobile brushes on a Galaxy Note 3.

The screens of Samsung’s Note series of phablets and tablets have an extra pressure sensitive layer. This allows flexible brush and pen strokes with a stylus that has a fine, firm point. What’s more your stylus needs no battery.

I used both  the inbuilt S Pen on my Galaxy Note 3 and a Wacom Bamboo Feel stylus to mess around with the new brushes.

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Photoshop Touch, Sketchbook or Painter Mobile?

Photoshop Touch is not only a photo editor. It’s an increasingly versatile painting app.

Photoshop Touch is a treat for the tablet artist with its new crop of as-you-like-it brushes, spray can, smudge and blend tools.

Two pigeons, one black, one white,

Pigeon and Antipigeon

Photoshop Touch painting on Galaxy Note 3

I’ve been comparing what it’s like to paint the same two birds with Photoshop Touch, Sketchbook and the new Painter Mobile on my Galaxy Note 3.

Photoshop Touch is available for both iPad and Android tablets.  So is Sketchbook Pro. Painter Mobile is only, so far, for Android tablets.

All three apps were a joy to draw, paint and write with.

All have multiple layers, transform tools and their own special boxes of adjustable brushes.

Comparing the three, my favourite was always the one I was using at the moment. Each added its own exclusive extras.

Photoshop Touch, as you’d expect from Photoshop, offers a range of photographic effects, as well as some exceptionally good selection tools. Luckily the app comes with a set of hands-on exercises whch are fun and get you started with learning what’s what, where it is and how you use it.


The Joy of Drawing on a Tablet