Waiting for the Galaxy Note S Pen

I was a great fan of the Galaxy Note S Pen

Carrot. Digital painting with Galaxy Note S Pen - Note 4 version.
Carrot painted with Galaxy Note S Pen in Painter Mobile

Lovely for artwork

A year ago Samsung were busily trumpeting a new improved Galaxy Note S Pen.

The new S Pen was coming with the promised Note 5.

…So I sold my Galaxy Note 4.

I was excited about getting the Note 5. It was not to be. The Note 5 never arrived in the UK.  With no reliable UK sources selling the phone, I ordered one from Hong Kong. And waited. And waited. That never arrived either. The new improved Galaxy Note S Pen was not for me. Would I even get my money back? Suspense lasted several more weeks before I did finally get a full refund.

I’m finding it hard to forgive Samsung for not releasing the Note 5 in the UK. All the same, in spite of myself  I’m getting excited about the Galaxy Note 7, to be announced this evening. (No, that’s not a typo, the Note 6 is missing as well as the 5.) This ultra wonderful device will endow me with an even more snazzy Galaxy Note S Pen, so I hear.

Carrot digital painting
Carrot painted with Galaxy Note S Pen in Photoshop Touch

Are Your Pictures Lost in the Cloud?

the cloud search engine spider colour blind

The Cloud and the Blind Librarian

The Cloud to the rescue. I do like to store my photos and paintings somewhere off site in case my house burns down. Where better than The Cloud?

Trouble is, there are many Clouds and I can never remember which cloud I’ve put things on.

Another thing.  After a limited number of gigabytes, the guardians of Cloud storage start to charge you or cut down the size of your images. Flickr – aka Yahoo – offers the best deal I’ve found, with a terabyte of free storage.

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The New Notes in iOs 9

Nonsense in the new Notes in iOs 9

Sad face finger painting in Notes iPhone app
Sad Face Finger Painting in the new Notes

The new Notes in iOs 9 on my iPhone now sports two dozen colours, 3 brushes, an eraser and a ruler, in place of bald black and white text.

Granted, using Notes as a painting kit instead of a colour coded shopping list is destined to be a minority occupation. Nevertheless I found this new version of the app quite handy for a finger scribble.

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