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Apple Created in Adobe Ideas

I can’t say I warm to this apple. I made it on my iPad in an early incarnation of Adobe Ideas. True, it looks sharp at any size. That is, the original looks sharp at any size because it’s a vector image. The apples you see here are Saved for Web in Photoshop and converted to common-or-garden bitmaps.

Apple section enlarged
Apple Enlarged in Adobe Ideas

Even if you have drawn your image on the tiny screen of an iPhone or iPad Touch, you can blow it up as large as you like and it will still stay sharp. Many designers like Ideas because they can scribble down – well, yes, ideas and feed them straight into Illustrator on the desktop.

When I drew this apple, this slick performance tended to give a rather artificial look. It was not possible to turn it off. Sign your name in Adobe Ideas and it came out shaved and smoothed to within an inch of its life.

On TV here in the UK, I saw President Obama sign his name on an iPad in Ideas. I wondered if his autograph, with so much individuality removed, was really all that authentic!

Adobe have added a bit of leeway to the smoothing effect. You can choose to smooth during drawing for more accuracy or after drawing for smoother strokes.

In days of yore you had a limited number of brushes to choose from in Adobe Ideas. One.

Gloomy face made from one line
Ideas Had Only One Line

Adobe has now added a few more brush tip shapes to the basic circle dab Ideas started out with.

Drawings of Adobe Ideas brushes
Brushes in Adobe Ideas
Fingerpainted apple
Apple Fingerpainted in Adobe Ideas

You adjust your brush width and transparency with a convenient slider at the side of the drawing area. That adaptable transparency is another reason for my change of heart. I do miss a smudge brush to blend colours, but you can get some interesting effects with a dance of the veils.

If you like to work with a pared down palette, Adobe Ideas allows you to pick and save a five-colour swatch from any image. The resulting collection of colour schemes can come in useful.

IMPORTANT NOTE added in 2015. Adobe, alas, have now stopped upgrading Ideas and are hoping you will switch to Adobe Draw. Ideas is, however, still usable on iPad or iPhone. It’s still very handy for easy vector type images if you don’t care for the style (and high expense) of taking the full Illustrator path. 

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