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Draw an angry face. Send your cartoons and smileys into a rage!

Just what kind of angry do you want to show?

cartoon boss with furiously angry face

Anger can be fully and furiously expressed

angry walker

Rage can brood and smoulder under the surface

There are many varieties of anger, and they all spell danger. What kind of face do you think is the first to be noticed in a crowd? Is it a smiling face? No. It is an angry face. We know what is good for us. A hostile face, particularly if male and glaring at you, is not a welcome sight to see.

cartoon teacher with angry face

Anger is not, of course, confined to the male of the species. We recognise displeasure in either sex from an early age!

Anger is the most physical emotion. It almost demands to be shown in full-body language. Yet however furiously you (or your drawing) clench a fist, it can end up looking simply feeble without a suitably enraged facial expression.

So what is the recipe for an expression on an angry face? There are three basic ingredients.

  1. EYEBROWS. Frowning, glowering, pulled down strongly at the inner ends.
  2. EYES. Glaring. Furiously focused.
  3. MOUTH. Either:

You can give almost anything an angry face with these ingredients. However, they need cooking. Subject them to the fire of inspiration! Feel the anger as you draw...

...Oops! Wait a minute. Anger is destructive - and not only of the object unfortunate enough to have inspired your wrath. Anger does nasty things to your insides and your life. Let your pencil feel the anger. If you were feeling angry even before you started, now is your chance to experience the joys of self expression. The feeling can flow out though your pencil.

We all function differently, so this is a very hard thing to explain. All I can say is that if you just set the elements down on paper cold, without imagining how the emotion feels, the result will be unconvincing.

angry face smiley

I drew this irate blob a while ago in the notepad on a phone.

angry smiley red

Red is the colour of rage. The note pad in that old phone had no fill tool, so I transferred the image to my Mac and filled it with a fiery colour.

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