Are Your Pictures Lost in the Cloud?

the cloud search engine spider colour blind

The Cloud and the Blind Librarian

The Cloud to the rescue. I do like to store my photos and paintings somewhere off site in case my house burns down. Where better than The Cloud?

Trouble is, there are many Clouds and I can never remember which cloud I’ve put things on.

Another thing.  After a limited number of gigabytes, the guardians of Cloud storage start to charge you or cut down the size of your images. Flickr – aka Yahoo – offers the best deal I’ve found, with a terabyte of free storage.

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The New Notes in iOs 9

Nonsense in the new Notes in iOs 9

Sad face finger painting in Notes iPhone app
Sad Face Finger Painting in the new Notes

The new Notes in iOs 9 on my iPhone now sports two dozen colours, 3 brushes, an eraser and a ruler, in place of bald black and white text.

Granted, using Notes as a painting kit instead of a colour coded shopping list is destined to be a minority occupation. Nevertheless I found this new version of the app quite handy for a finger scribble.

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The Portrait


Man points to a picture frame, empty but for a circle.
The Portrait. Painted on iPad in Procreate.

An oval in a rectangle. What could that be but a portrait?

Well, it could be… But no. It’s a portrait. A portrait of whoever you like, expressing whatever emotion you choose.

To let you into a secret, the above incitement to pareidolia (seeing faces everywhere) began as a filled scribble.

One of my favourite occupations is dragging the Current Colour circle in Procreate digital painting app on my iPad to fill a closed shape I’ve just scribbled. I’m sure the excellent Procreate User’s Guide must mention this addictive process somewhere, but I haven’t found it.