iPhone Art. In the Footsteps of the Famous.

Week 32: Alberto Giacometti, originally uploaded by purple0wl.

This week I’ve been posing on my iphone for a portrait by Alberto Giacometti

Mind you, I had to diet a bit, but I learned a lot…

Copying famous artists’ styles is a wonderful way of discovering your own iphone or ipod finger painting style.

Added to this, there’s nothing like imitating artists’ styles on your iphone as a Fine Art Appreciation course!

You really get to appreciate what it took to add magic to those marks.

There’s no excuse for iphone artist’s block with all that exhilarating subject matter about. Just toddle off to a gallery and get sketching – or Google search an artist here and now.

If you need yet more of a prod to get you going on iphone/ipod finger art, make your way to the Flickr group  Painting A Week on an Assigned Subject. Actually there are now two assigned subjects: an art work in a given artist’s style, and one on a given subject.

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