Make of it What You Will

Make of it What You Will, originally uploaded by purple0wl.

Seasonal greetings to one and all!

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Valerie Beeby

We used to say 'Seeing is believing'. Now it's more like 'Believing is seeing'. We see what we expect to see. Look again and who knows. Does it really match what's actually there? ...I've always been fascinated by how our minds work. As a writer and artist, I'm particularly interested in new research into how we perceive this extraordinary world we live in, where things are not always what they seem.

2 thoughts on “Make of it What You Will”

  1. Hi Valerie, I’m working on an article for The Chronicle of Higher Education, and I needed an image of an angry person. Your image from the “angry faces” website, labeled “Rage can brood and smoulder under the surface,” was the best image I found on the Internet. Would you be willing to let me use it for the article? I could credit you by name or however you would prefer. I would also be happy to share a draft of the article with you first, so you can see if you approve of your work being included in it. The article is titled “In Defense of Empathy,” and I’m hoping to submit it fairly soon. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hello Pat. I’d be delighted for you to use my drawing. Thanks for asking. I would of course like a ‘By’ line and a link, and hope you get my email about this. Best would probably be a link to the page on which the sketch appears. It’s on my Expressions site (

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