Waiting for Wacom Intuos Creative

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Purple Owl alias Valerie Beeby

Yes. I’m still here.
Just been doing a bit of tinkering with the blog. Sorry about the gap.

The new look is a devilish clever WordPress theme which shrinks and expands obligingly for desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. Please do let me know if it fails to do its Houdini act for you.

I’ve added more links to my old website on drawing, faces and expressions. Some of those ancient pages are getting a bit dusty around the door handles. I’m hoping to update and make those more tablet friendly too.

Any other news?

On the drawing-on-a-tablet front I’m waiting with some excitement for what  I’m hoping will be a truly pressure sensitive iPad stylus. It’s the new Wacom Intuos Creative.

As previous promises of 2048 levels of stylus sensitivity have turned out to be three if you’re lucky, my optimism may be just a little misplaced. However, this is a Wacom Intuos, and Intuos styli are very, very good. I’ve been using one for years.

The Wacom Intuos Creative will have to come up to the standard of the Bamboo Feel, also by Wacom but only usable on Samsung Galaxy Notes.

Can’t wait to see!



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We used to say 'Seeing is believing'. Now it's more like 'Believing is seeing'. We see what we expect to see. Look again and who knows. Does it really match what's actually there? ...I've always been fascinated by how our minds work. As a writer and artist, I'm particularly interested in new research into how we perceive this extraordinary world we live in, where things are not always what they seem.

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