Drawing Pad Painting App

Painting with Rainbows


Drawing Pad Painting App

Bird painted on ruled paper
Testing the Water

Drawing Pad Painting App for Android

In Drawing Pad painting app for Android, so far you get little more than the original children’s fingerpainting box of brushes and crayons.

  • Once you’ve chosen your brush or pen in the Android version of Drawing Pad painting app, you can’t change its colour.
  • Once you’ve chosen a brush, pencil, crayon or marker here, you can’t change its width or opacity.
  • There are no blenders.
  • There are no further tools in this Android version.
  • You can’t pinch zoom.

Altogether the Android version of Drawing Pad painting app is a dead loss, wouldn’t you say?

Except that…

Even in this limited Android version, the colours you do get are gorgeous.

Your finger or stylus fairly skates along. This app is so responsive it’s hard to stop drawing.

owl butcher with sausages
Drawing Pad for for Galaxy Note goes pressure sensitive

Pssst! If you’re using an S Pen with a Galaxy Note tablet or phablet, not only does it skate along, you’ll find you can in fact vary the width of your line with pressure in Drawing Pad painting app.

Lines made with s Pen and Finger
S Pen Pressure Sensitivity in Drawing Pad

Drawing Pad Painting App for iPad

The iPad version of Drawing Pad painting app, as is the way of the world at the moment, adds more.

Flower and chalks
Drawing Pad Chalks
  • Chalks
  • Pencils from 6H to 8B
Blenders and blended painting
Drawing Pad for iPad. Blenders.
  • Blenders to smudge and merge colours
  • Text in a wide variety of fonts

You can pinch zoom on an iPad to home in on detail.

Your stylus may not skate along quite as smoothly as an S Pen on an Android Note, but the iPad version of Drawing Pad painting app has yet more secrets. Press a pair of little buttons lurking at the end of a line-up of brushes or crayons and lo and behold, little panels for further adjustments.

  • A colour wheel
  • 17 further brush heads to choose from
  • Sliders to vary line width, transparency and spacing

There are no layers in either edition of Drawing Pad painting app, but you can import your own background in the iPad version. Both versions offer an array of ready-made backgrounds and stickers.


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