Galaxy Note Drawing Pad

S Note

the Samsung Galaxy Note drawing pad

S Note is really just a digital memo pad. Well, except that it seems to do everything except polish the kitchen sink. Among its many talents, this app can act as a simple colouring book for scribblers, doodlers and jotters. 

I have grown quite addicted to S Note in its manifestation as a simple Galaaxy Note drawing pad. S Note springs up ready for you to scribble something down whenever you take the S Pen out of its socket. Saves no end of PostIt notes.

What is an S Pen? An S Pen stylus comes as a fixture in every version of the Samsung Galaxy Note series of tablets, phablets and phones. The Note series have a special layer on the touch screen similar to those on Wacom desktop tablets for digital artists. This allows the screen to respond to the pressure sensitive S Pen as well as to a finger. You can vary the width and/or transparency of your stroke according to how hard you press on the stylus.

I have had Samsung’s Note devices since the start, and am currently exploring a new Galaxy Note 3.  I have to say it takes a bit of exploring! Samsung say proudly that they have simplified the S Note app, but I’m glad they told me. I’d never have known.

Many of the many S Note facilities I may never use. Others are fascinating. Draw a square anywhere on the screen, and hey presto, up in the frame pops your choice of clock, calculator, address boook, video player or other handy item. Magic!

This array of bloatware tools and possibilities can be overwhelming. Best thing to do is take it easy. Discover what’s really useful gradually, and ignore the rest.

Since S Note offers colouring book tools, I had a go a few weeks ago at scribbling down an elephant with the S Pen on my Galaxy Note drawing pad.

Elephant doodle
Galaxy Note 2 – S Pen memo

Using the S Pen, I found I could rest my hand on the screen as I drew without its making a mark or causing the image to slither around. Another S Pen advantage to add to pressure sensitivity.

The S Note memo pad offers a choice of five writing and drawing tools. Line width is adjustable and there is a range of colours. You can even save a brush you have set to your liking to make a palette of personal presets.

Here’s another memorious elephant, first doodle on my new Galaxy Note 3. (I couldn’t resist upgrading.)

Elephant doodle
Elephant doodled with S Pen on Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung have certainly altered S Note. Some changes are for the better, though there are still a few bugs. The Note 3 eraser gives me a new choice of erasing line by line, (as though I were using the Undo function) or in the old way of painting out with a brush stroke. This option seems to have a bug, as the choice did not work and I was stuck with only the Undo Last Line as my way of erasing. A definite black mark from me for the Galaxy Note drawing pad.

Luckily there’s an eyedropper in the colour palette. I used it to pick up the background colour, loaded a thick brush with that and painted unwanted bits of elephant out with it. I lost the background texture but the result didn’t seem too bad.

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