NEW Painter Mobile for Android

Welcome Arrival
Corel Painter Mobile for Android

Finally Android tablets/phablets/phones are beginning to rival iPads and the like for the number of pro-level painting apps they offer. About time too.

The arrival of Corel Painter Mobile for Android now brings the number of seriously useful Android artists’ apps to three. For Android on my Galaxy Note 3 these are:-

  • SketchBook for Galaxy
  • Photoshop Touch
  • Corel Painter Mobile

Other Android paint apps have also joined the ranks of the Really Useful.

  • Serious Paint
  • Infinite Painter
  • Art Flow 

note3 artflow bird

Drawn on Galaxy Note 3 in Art Flow

If you’re keen on fine-tuning your brushes, Serious Paint or Infinite Painter are for you, though the lists of arcane brush-twiddling options are not for the faint hearted. Art Flow is easier to use.

I really only want to use the very best painting apps for Android, so I chose the topmost three and have been comparing them. All are from leviathans of the graphics world.

  • Painter Mobile – Corel
  • SketchBook – Autodesk
  • Photoshop Touch – Adobe.

I drew three versions of
‘Pigeon and Antipigeon’
one in each app on my Galaxy Note 3 phablet

I started with the newly arrived Painter Mobile.

Two birds, one white, one black.Pigeon and Antipigeon

Created in Painter Mobile for Android
on Galaxy Note 3

Oops! I could have saved myself a bit of trouble. At first I didn’t notice the Painter Mobile icon to switch on Mirroring. I could have used it to draw both pigeons in one go. Instead I draw Pigeon 1, copied its layer and flipped it for Pigeon 2.

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