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I’m a long time Corel Painter fan. Was thrilled to discover there’s now a Painter Mobile. For once a major mobile drawing and painting app is not available exclusively for iPads. Painter Mobile is for Android tablets only.

I’ve been lucky enough to try the inspiring selection of Painter Mobile brushes on a Galaxy Note 4.

The screens of Samsung’s Note series of phablets and tablets have an extra pressure sensitive layer. This allows flexible brush and pen strokes with a stylus that has a fine, firm point. What’s more your stylus needs no battery.

I used both  the inbuilt S Pen on my Galaxy Note 3 and a Wacom Bamboo Feel stylus to mess around with the new brushes.

Organic shapes painted in Painter Mobile
Playing with the brushes in Corel’s new Painter Mobile app.

Note. The resolution of Painter Mobile brush strokes is probably finer than you see in the effusion above or the header to this post. Not only will your browser have resized to display on your screen. I cropped to just a part of the canvas and enlarged the result.

As you’d expect from the makers of the famous desktop Painter, the selection of Painter Mobile brushes is creative yet highly practical.

You have some 70 Painter Mobile brushes to choose from. Oils, pens, markers. Watercolour that diffuses. Chalk that brings out the texture of your paper. (You can select a paper and colour for your background.) You can smear with a palette knife, smudge with a cloth or just add water for a subtle blended look.

There’s a pretty comprehensive menu of adjustments you can make to your chosen brush. You can save your custom brushes for future use.

Exploring Painter Mobile

I’ve taken to writing comments down as I explore a painting app. This is only Version 1.00 of Painter Mobile, and it still has its share of Cons as well as Pros. Even my wondrous Bamboo Feel stylus lagged behind me if I wrote fast. On the other hand the fill bucket was a tad over enthusiastic, flooding the entire screen at the flick of an eyelash. I found I could Undo only about 10 strokes…

Never mind. Using the Painter Mobile brushes was a joy.

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