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The New Notes in iOs 9

Nonsense in the new Notes in iOs 9

Sad face finger painting in Notes iPhone app
Sad Face Finger Painting in the new Notes

The new Notes in iOs 9 on my iPhone now sports two dozen colours, 3 brushes, an eraser and a ruler, in place of bald black and white text.

Granted, using Notes as a painting kit instead of a colour coded shopping list is destined to be a minority occupation. Nevertheless I found this new version of the app quite handy for a finger scribble.

Here’s a sampler of the colours and brushes in the new Notes APP on my iPhone 6+
Samples of colours and brushes in Notes in iOs 9
Brushes and Tools in the new Notes in iOs 9

I haven’t found a way to vary the width or transparency of marks in the new Notes. All the same, the marker inks are fairly transparent so you can mix colours by putting one on top of another.

Another tip is to tidy up ragged edges by running along an outline with the eraser.

I’m so glad Notes is finally allowing you to draw. The old saying ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ is as true today as ever.

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