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Are Your Pictures Lost in the Cloud?

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The Cloud and the Blind Librarian

The Cloud to the rescue. I do like to store my photos and paintings somewhere off site in case my house burns down. Where better than The Cloud?

Trouble is, there are many Clouds and I can never remember which cloud I’ve put things on.

Another thing.  After a limited number of gigabytes, the guardians of Cloud storage start to charge you or cut down the size of your images. Flickr – aka Yahoo – offers the best deal I’ve found, with a terabyte of free storage.

At first I was alarmed to find the Flickr Cloud ‘Uploadr’ sucking up thousands of images from my computer! I was relieved to discover these were private and separate from my public Flickr gallery.

Preserving your precious images is one thing however. Finding them is another. All of my pictures were now jumbled together on the Flickr Cloud servers, folders, tags and titles lost. Flickr viewer offers only a dated (when created or uploaded) or a ‘Magic’ view.

Will Magic View find what you’re looking for? Sorry. No. The Flickr Cloud is sorted by a distinctly short sighted librarian, otherwise known as an image recognition search engine. For instance, I have hundreds of photos and drawings of animals, but under the heading ‘Animals’, the searcher offers me only 34 pictures, which include a flower, a snowflake and two carrots.

Ah well. At least that terabyte of free storage is a generous amount.

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