Are These the 8 Best Painting Apps?

Suffering from App Overload, I decided to limit myself to just 4 of the best painting apps for my iPhone 6+ and Android Galaxy Note 4.

Paintings of carrots in my 8 best mobile painting apps
8 Imaginary Carrots Show Off My 8 Best Mobile Painting Apps

Were the apps I chose the best painting apps for my purposes? I was surprised by how much I learned just by daubing an imaginary carrot in each app.

In the picture the top row were painted on iPhone 6+ in (L – R):- Procreate Pocket, Sketchbook, Art Rage and Photoshop Touch. Bottom row were created on Galaxy Note 4 in:- Painter Mobile and the Android versions of Sketchbook, Art Rage and Photoshop Touch.

One thing I learned was that I had paid too little attention to the size of these images. Displaying all eight at 100% and taking the screen shot you see, I found my paintings often failed to take advantage of the actual maximum megapixel size each app is capable of.

Photoshop Touch for both Apple and Android will make images up to 9 megapixels. (I tested up to 3000×3000 pixels and Photoshop Touch will probably take more). Painting my carrot on the iPhone I missed that advantage. The image was too small for much detail at 400×600 px.

On the other hand, Art Rage for iPhone 6+ is a really cut down version, yet I puffed up my imaginary vegetable right to the maximum size that Art Rage for iPhone can manage: 0.7 megapixels (640×1136 px).

Art Rage is more versatile for the Galaxy Note. It will make you images at 4.2 megapixels (2048×2048 px). I only went up to 480×853 px. Smaller than the ArtRage-for-iPhone version.

Ah well.

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Painter Mobile Brushes

I’m a long time Corel Painter fan. Was thrilled to discover there’s now a Painter Mobile. For once a major mobile drawing and painting app is not available exclusively for iPads. Painter Mobile is for Android tablets only.

I’ve been lucky enough to try the inspiring selection of Painter Mobile brushes on a Galaxy Note 4.

The screens of Samsung’s Note series of phablets and tablets have an extra pressure sensitive layer. This allows flexible brush and pen strokes with a stylus that has a fine, firm point. What’s more your stylus needs no battery.

I used both  the inbuilt S Pen on my Galaxy Note 3 and a Wacom Bamboo Feel stylus to mess around with the new brushes.

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Photoshop Touch, Sketchbook or Painter Mobile?

Photoshop Touch is not only a photo editor. It’s an increasingly versatile painting app.

Photoshop Touch is a treat for the tablet artist with its new crop of as-you-like-it brushes, spray can, smudge and blend tools.

Two pigeons, one black, one white,

Pigeon and Antipigeon

Photoshop Touch painting on Galaxy Note 3

I’ve been comparing what it’s like to paint the same two birds with Photoshop Touch, Sketchbook and the new Painter Mobile on my Galaxy Note 3.

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