Galaxy Tab Apple Made in PaintJoy

Galaxy Tab Apple, originally uploaded by purple0wl.


PaintJoy App in (Android) Galaxy Tab

I’m painting apples in different apps to compare what it feels like to work in them on my two tablets, an iPad and a Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The Galaxy Tab touch screen is fast and responsive. As far as I can tell, there is not that much difference between the touch screens of the Galaxy Tab and the iPad.

The PaintJoy app has a wide spectrum of colours, adjustable for tone and transparency.

There’s an array of some 17 interesting brushes. I particularly like the pen, which gives a lovely variable line. Adjust your brush width with a slider.

PaintJoy Pro will replay your brush strokes as a movie, so I was able to relive a few doomed efforts and maybe learn from them.

Intrigued by the Shape brush, which created a flat filled shape, I eventually drew the apple here.


PaintJoy offers no layers.  You can import a photo to draw over, but it is not on a separate layer. Erase your doodle and you erase the underlying image too.

You have to press special icons to zoom or drag the canvas, which is, well, a drag.

PaintJoy is certainly limited, but it does have some very nice brushes.

Pixels Pretending to be a Pear

Pixels Pretending to be a Pear, originally uploaded by purple0wl.

Finger painting in Sketchbook on my Android Galaxy Tab

I’ve been exploring Android drawing and painting apps for a while now. I have to say I was surprised to find so many art apps for Android – and some with a really good selection of art tools. Not quite up to iPad standards yet, but wait a while…