How do you doodle on an iPhone?

You will be pleased to learn that I have been busy wasting my time,

teaching myself finger drawing on my iPhone.

Okay, okay. You haven’t got an iPhone. You haven’t even got an iPod. In which case the following slice of knowledge will be even more useless to you than it would be if you had.

On the other hand, to the creative person, who can say that any piece of knowledge is entirely useless? You never know when you might need to fish it out and put it to uses for which it was never intended.

Another solution would be to get an iPhone, a process I can strongly recommend.

The Icebergs Confer. iPhone Finger Painting.
The Icebergs Confer. iPhone Finger Painting.
iPhone Finger Painting is a brand new art.

The highly responsive touch screen on the iPhone and the new iPod Touch has made it possible. The screen is also large (well, large for a cell or mobile phone). Resolution is sharp as a pin and the colours glow.

You don’t need a stylus. In fact the Apple touch screen will not respond to a stylus. Controlling your finger is surprisingly difficult at first. Lettering can be distinctly wobbly, but improves with practice and concentration. I did evolve a method of holding my forefinger with my thumb and middle finger as though it were a pencil. This helped me out of one or two sticky corners.

Talking of sticky corners, iPhone finger painting is not to be confused with the variety that vies with mud pies for the delight of toddlers.
…But of course the real use of drawing on the iPhone is to add speech bubbles saying “Glad you’re not here” to your holiday snaps, and give your mother in law or teacher horns and a moustache.

Never mind. You’ll probably grow out of that stage too.

The Night Tree. iPhone Finger Painting.
The Night Tree. iPhone Finger Painting.

Meanwhile bear in mind that you can’t draw on photos as easily on the iPod Touch. The iPod Touch doesn’t yet have its own camera.