You can draw. Really. Even when you can’t draw.

Ask a child of five or so to draw you a house.

Do they take their paper and crayons, go outside, sit down in front of a house and carefully draw what they see?

…Or do they, perhaps, keep their eyes glued firmly to the paper and present you pretty promptly with a piece of artwork like this?

House - children's drawings

This is a composite of actual children’s drawings.

Home. Windows icon.

…And this is the Windows icon for ‘Home’

Enough said.

You can draw. Of course you can.

Drawing is so easy a child can do it.


Confession time. Don’t laugh, but it took years for a pretty obvious reason to dawn on me.

There are two kinds of drawing

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Put Your Best Face Forward

Put Your Best Face Forward

iPad Mini: Adobe Ideas, Photoshop Touch. Mac: Painter.

Notice the variation in thickness of the blue person’s hair.

Is it possible that the new(ish) brush tool in Ideas on the iPad Mini really does have touch sensitivity?  The brush did certainly make a thicker stroke the harder I pressed with my finger. (But not when I tried with a stylus.)

I haven’t heard anybody boasting about a wondrous new pressure sensitivity in Adobe Ideas, however.

Maybe it just took me longer to press harder.

Sigh. Still only speed sensitivity for touch tablets then? (Except for Android Galaxy Notes with the S Pen stylus, which really does have Wacom pressure sensitivity, even if only limited.)

Thoughts anyone?

Can You Guess The Medium?

These days digital drawing and painting apps are very like the real thing. Can you tell which of the following four (imaginary) creatures was painted in which medium?

Painting of imaginary bird
1. Imaginary Bird
Skeptical looking blog animal
2. Tell Me Another
  • I painted one of these creatures with watercolour, pen and pencil.
  • One was created in Corel Painter on my Mac desktop.
  • One was daubed on my iPad in Art Rage
  • One was made on my Android Galaxy Note (Version 1) in Autodesk Sketchbook Mobile.

The second two daubs are below.

You’ll find the answer at the bottom of this page.

Embarrassed animal painted pink
3. Aw Shucks!
Pink animal
4. Um…
  • 1 was painted on my Android Galaxy Note phablet (Version 1) in Autodesk Sketchbook Mobile.
  • 2 was created in Corel Painter on my Mac desktop.
  • 3 was painted with watercolour, pen and pencil.
  • 4 was daubed on my iPad in Art Rage and Adobe Ideas.