Which is the Best Stylus for writing and drawing on my tablet?

Upward view of petticoats made of lines drawn with finger or stylus
Which is the Stylus Best for You?

What’s this? A worm’s eye view of layers of petticoats. Each petticoat was drawn with varying pressure on finger or stylus on an iPad or a Galaxy Note 8 tablet.

Petticoat petticoat tell me true.

Which is the stylus best for you?

Do you like a variable line?

Finger Painting

You can draw with your finger on all touch screens. (Well, provided you’re using the right drawing or painting app and settings.) Finger painting, however, gives a flat unvarying line, however hard or lightly you may press.

Best Stylus for Writing, Drawing and Painting on an iPad

What’s the best stylus for an iPad?

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Love Birds. A Bit of Phablet Painting with the Best Tablet Stylus.

A pattern of pigeons
A pattern of pigeons on Galaxy Note 3

Drawn and  painted on a phablet, using a phabulously pressure sensitive new soft nib in a Wacom Bamboo Feel stylus.

I’ve taken to drawing wood pigeons as they waddle up and down outside my window. The only paper to hand is usually only memo pad scraps. Thus the screen of my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phablet  didn’t seem so small when I came to doodle a pigeon in my best-known painting app, Sketchbook Pro. I do have a perfectly good Galaxy Note 8 with more screen space, but having got going on the smaller device I forgot it.

Maybe it’s the high resolution and pinch-zooming to home in on detail that makes the Note 3 display seem larger than it is. Then of course you can snap back to screen size to assess the overall effect without having to dash to the opposite side of the room to view it from afar.

But I digress. What I really wanted to enthuse about was the new nib I was using for the first time in the best tablet stylus I’ve ever tried, the Wacom Bamboo Feel.

The Bamboo Feel stylus nib comes in two varieties, Soft and Firm. I have yet to try the Firm, but the soft is a joy to use.

I’ve tried many a touch tablet stylus, for both iPad and Android tablets. The Bamboo Feel is so far the best tablet stylus I’ve tried, far the fastest and most pressure sensitive. With a soft nib it’s even better.  The point remains fine and, once set up properly, pin point accurate. Ideal for drawing – and of course writing, which can be pretty dire with a finger.

In the past I’ve given a private snort when told this device or that is the best tablet stylus because it can respond to up to 2048 levels of pressure, varying the width, transparency or both of the line it’s drawing. Surely I’m not the only one who has struggled to manage even ten variations of width on a touch screen tablet. More often it’s only two.

Purple owl butcher with string of sausages

The Bamboo Feel stylus with soft nib does give a really variable line. Let’s hope it’s soon compatible with more than the current limited number of screens.