Six Face Expressions Everyone Can Read

The six basic face expressions all the world understands

Raised eyebrows or a shake of the head can mean different things in different parts of the world. But these six basic face expressions can be understood wherever you are.







The expressions may be mite exaggerated here. Even, heaven forbid, not totally accurate!

All the same, these ‘six basic facial expressions’ are taken from research by the anthropologist Paul Ekman.

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Draw an Angry Face

How to draw an angry face

Send your cartoons and emojis into a rage!

Just what kind of angry do you want to show?


Anger can be fully and furiously expressed



Rage can brood and smoulder under the surface

There are many varieties of anger, and they all spell danger.

What kind of face do you think is the first to be noticed in a crowd? Is it a smiling face? No. It is an angry face. We know what is good for us. A hostile face, particularly if male and glaring at you, is not a welcome sight to see.

Anger is not, of course, confined to the male of the species.

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