How to Draw a Sad Face.

Do you really know how to draw a sad face?

Courage! There’s nothing for learning a thing or two like doing a thing or two.  Take up your pen – or preferably your tablet or phone and finger or stylus – and draw a sad face, here and now.  Scribble a few even sadder faces.

If you instantly get stuck for capturing a sad expression, help is at hand. Just remember the simple rules for creating a smiley.

The sad face smiley is simply a reversal of the familiar smiley smile.

Hang on though. Is that right?

You know the accepted wisdom of the smiley world.

1.  A smiley can be any colour as long as it’s yellow. Round yellow sad smiley face
I hate to disillusion you, but a sad face smiley to use when you are blue is more effective if it’s – well, yes. Round smiley face coloured blue

2. Furthermore…

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