You can draw. Really. Even when you can’t draw.

Ask a child of five or so to draw you a house.

Do they take their paper and crayons, go outside, sit down in front of a house and carefully draw what they see?

…Or do they, perhaps, keep their eyes glued firmly to the paper and present you pretty promptly with a piece of artwork like this?

House - children's drawings

This is a composite of actual children’s drawings.

Home. Windows icon.

…And this is the Windows icon for ‘Home’

Enough said.

You can draw. Of course you can.

Drawing is so easy a child can do it.


Confession time. Don’t laugh, but it took years for a pretty obvious reason to dawn on me.

There are two kinds of drawing

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New Brushes for iPhone Artists

iPhone Painting, originally uploaded by purple0wl.

I was just lounging in front of the TV watching someone talking about the news. I started to caricature him on my iphone in a new drawing app called Vellum …only to find he had disappeared and it was another face I was drawing.

Cut to an hour or two later and I found I was having a whale of a time exploring the new brushes in Autodesk Sketchbook Mobile and Brushes painting apps.

I resolved to do more of this.

Add the new Brushes brushes to the range of 20 in SketchBook Mobile, all of them editable, and you’ll find you have quite a wide choice of lines, strokes and textures to play with.

Uploaded by purple0wl on 30 Dec 09, 7.58PM GMT.