Drawing Pad Painting App

Painting with Rainbows


Drawing Pad Painting App

Bird painted on ruled paper
Testing the Water

Drawing Pad Painting App for Android

In Drawing Pad painting app for Android, so far you get little more than the original children’s fingerpainting box of brushes and crayons.

  • Once you’ve chosen your brush or pen in the Android version of Drawing Pad painting app, you can’t change its colour.
  • Once you’ve chosen a brush, pencil, crayon or marker here, you can’t change its width or opacity.
  • There are no blenders.
  • There are no further tools in this Android version.
  • You can’t pinch zoom.

Altogether the Android version of Drawing Pad painting app is a dead loss, wouldn’t you say?

Except that…

Even in this limited Android version, the colours you do get are gorgeous.

Your finger or stylus fairly skates along. This app is so responsive it’s hard to stop drawing.

owl butcher with sausages
Drawing Pad for for Galaxy Note goes pressure sensitive

Pssst! If you’re using an S Pen with a Galaxy Note tablet or phablet, not only does it skate along, you’ll find you can in fact vary the width of your line with pressure in Drawing Pad painting app.

Lines made with s Pen and Finger
S Pen Pressure Sensitivity in Drawing Pad

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Best Tablet Drawing and Painting Apps

Finding the Best Drawing and Painting Apps

for tablet, phablet or phone

Deep sea fish Devil's Lantern
Devil’s Lantern

Painted in Sketchbook and Photoshop Touch on Samsung Galaxy Note 8

It’s easy to be in the dark when it comes to fishing for drawing apps for an iPad or other tablet. Neither Android nor Apple makes it easy to track down the best apps for artists. Neither app store has a category for graphics apps.

  • ‘Photography’ gives you photo editing tools, useful for adding effects to a finished image, but not much good for drawing or painting.
  • ‘Entertainment’ comes up mainly with colouring books for kids.
  • ‘Productivity’ yields kit for scribbling notes or making diagrams.

Remarkable new apps for designers, illustrators, art students and image makers of all kinds are lurking down there somewhere. How do you find them? Continue reading Best Tablet Drawing and Painting Apps

Drawing Pad Arrives on Galaxy Note

Do a search for ‘Painting’ apps in the Android Market and very few apps come up. Are all the developers waiting for Ice Cream Sandwich? Aha, but search for ‘Drawing’ apps and – abracadabra! Suddenly page after page of drawing and painting apps for Android tablets and phones appear.

Now you have a different problem.

How do you know which drawing apps are best with such a bewildering multitude to choose from, most of them free or costing ludicrously little? How do you sort out the reasonably serious painting apps from the silly hat and fairground mirror brigade?

I would not have picked out Drawing Pad, which proclaims it’s just for kids, if I did not already have it on my iPad.

Drawing Pad does not look promising.

Drawing Pad has no layers, no pinch zoom while you paint, no adjustment of width or transparency for pens, pencils or brushes.

Unlike its iPad brother, Drawing Pad for Android offers no smudge facility to blend your colours. You can’t use your own photo as a background. You can’t import your own artwork as a rubber stamp.

Altogether that adds up to a dead loss, wouldn’t you say?

Yet Drawing Pad is gorgeous. It’s one of my favourite drawing and painting apps. I rate it among the best.

Drawing Pad is fast. The S pen stylus for my Samsung Galaxy Note just glides along, laying down luscious colours from tempting rainbows of brushes, crayons and pens. Colours are wedded to the tools they belong to, as in real life, but there’s a big range to choose from.

You can of course paint with your finger or a soft tipped stylus like the Pogo or Boxwave, the two I happen to have. Any are instantly responsive in Drawing Pad, at least on my Galaxy Note.

I believe Drawing Pad is only available for a limited number of tablets and phones. I was going to try it on the Android HTC Flyer, but could not find a version for the Flyer, even though it has a larger screen than my Galaxy Note.