Painter Mobile Brushes

I’m a long time Corel Painter fan. Was thrilled to discover there’s now a Painter Mobile. For once a major mobile drawing and painting app is not available exclusively for iPads. Painter Mobile is for Android tablets only.

I’ve been lucky enough to try the inspiring selection of Painter Mobile brushes on a Galaxy Note 4.

The screens of Samsung’s Note series of phablets and tablets have an extra pressure sensitive layer. This allows flexible brush and pen strokes with a stylus that has a fine, firm point. What’s more your stylus needs no battery.

I used both  the inbuilt S Pen on my Galaxy Note 3 and a Wacom Bamboo Feel stylus to mess around with the new brushes.

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Which is the Best Stylus for writing and drawing on my tablet?

Upward view of petticoats made of lines drawn with finger or stylus
Which is the Stylus Best for You?

What’s this? A worm’s eye view of layers of petticoats. Each petticoat was drawn with varying pressure on finger or stylus on an iPad or a Galaxy Note 8 tablet.

Petticoat petticoat tell me true.

Which is the stylus best for you?

Do you like a variable line?

Finger Painting

You can draw with your finger on all touch screens. (Well, provided you’re using the right drawing or painting app and settings.) Finger painting, however, gives a flat unvarying line, however hard or lightly you may press.

Best Stylus for Writing, Drawing and Painting on an iPad

What’s the best stylus for an iPad?

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The Art of Expressive Colour


Wherever you go with a smartphone, you go with a camera. Oh yes, you can shoot everything in sight, but really you can’t beat the freedom of sketching to express what you feel about what you’re looking at.

A photo is a record but a drawing is a memory.

You see more intensely when you draw than when you simply snap a photo of a subject.

Sketch on a tablet, phablet or phone and you have a full studio toolbox with you as well as a camera.

Expressive colour makes mood moodier

Most mobile drawing or painting apps include a rainbow palette of colours, literally at your fingertips – without the fag of carrying a paintbox or bundles of crayons.

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