Galaxy Note 8. The Artist’s Tablet

Image can be interpreted as two different faces.
In Two Minds

This optical quandary materialised as I was playing around in Sketchbook on my Galaxy Note 8 tablet. Look at it for a few seconds and the two faces alternate.

The painting was chosen for exhibition at the recent MDAC (Mobile Digital Arts & Creativity) Summit in Palo Alto, California.

There’s something to be said for calling the Galaxy Note 8 the artist’s tablet.

Start me off skating about with the swift precision point of the S Pen stylus and I just don’t want to stop.

Put Your Best Face Forward

Put Your Best Face Forward

iPad Mini: Adobe Ideas, Photoshop Touch. Mac: Painter.

Notice the variation in thickness of the blue person’s hair.

Is it possible that the new(ish) brush tool in Ideas on the iPad Mini really does have touch sensitivity?  The brush did certainly make a thicker stroke the harder I pressed with my finger. (But not when I tried with a stylus.)

I haven’t heard anybody boasting about a wondrous new pressure sensitivity in Adobe Ideas, however.

Maybe it just took me longer to press harder.

Sigh. Still only speed sensitivity for touch tablets then? (Except for Android Galaxy Notes with the S Pen stylus, which really does have Wacom pressure sensitivity, even if only limited.)

Thoughts anyone?