Why Procreate for iPad Sketching and Painting?


Is this the best sketching and painting app for iPad?

Big yellow bird regards tiny robin.
Sun Bird. A Scribble in Procreate.

ProCreate is a good name.

This drawing and painting app is certainly for the pros, though surprisingly simple to use for mere mortals.

It’s hard for simply anyone not to be creative with such a mesmerising array of brushes.

Added to this, Procreate is fast. So many good painting apps are let down by brushes that lag and drag. The Procreate ‘Silica’ engine is ultra powerful. Procreate boasts with reason that it renders strokes in 64 bit precision with speed and accuracy.

You can achieve a certain amount of pressure sensitivity if you have a Jot Touch, Pogo Connect or JaJa stylus. Set it up to vary width, transparency or both.

If you love textures you’ll have a ball in this app. Procreate can create images up to 4096 x 4096 pixels. With that amount of detail it’s possible to spray on wild and wonderful effects, and this app does it fast. The header on this page was created in Procreate.

Landscape with metallic gold effect

Created in an early version of Procreate

The latest edition has added further exotic brushes to the range. All can be fine tuned. Both the eraser and smudge tools are treated as just the same as brushes that apply paint. This gives extra scope for subtle blending. Continue reading Why Procreate for iPad Sketching and Painting?

Waiting for Wacom Intuos Creative

Purple owl holding a smartphone
Purple Owl alias Valerie Beeby

Yes. I’m still here.
Just been doing a bit of tinkering with the blog. Sorry about the gap.

The new look is a devilish clever WordPress theme which shrinks and expands obligingly for desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. Please do let me know if it fails to do its Houdini act for you.

I’ve added more links to my old website on drawing, faces and expressions. Some of those ancient pages are getting a bit dusty around the door handles. I’m hoping to update and make those more tablet friendly too.

Any other news?

On the drawing-on-a-tablet front I’m waiting with some excitement for what  I’m hoping will be a truly pressure sensitive iPad stylus. It’s the new Wacom Intuos Creative.

As previous promises of 2048 levels of stylus sensitivity have turned out to be three if you’re lucky, my optimism may be just a little misplaced. However, this is a Wacom Intuos, and Intuos styli are very, very good. I’ve been using one for years.

The Wacom Intuos Creative will have to come up to the standard of the Bamboo Feel, also by Wacom but only usable on Samsung Galaxy Notes.

Can’t wait to see!



Put Your Best Face Forward

Put Your Best Face Forward

iPad Mini: Adobe Ideas, Photoshop Touch. Mac: Painter.

Notice the variation in thickness of the blue person’s hair.

Is it possible that the new(ish) brush tool in Ideas on the iPad Mini really does have touch sensitivity?  The brush did certainly make a thicker stroke the harder I pressed with my finger. (But not when I tried with a stylus.)

I haven’t heard anybody boasting about a wondrous new pressure sensitivity in Adobe Ideas, however.

Maybe it just took me longer to press harder.

Sigh. Still only speed sensitivity for touch tablets then? (Except for Android Galaxy Notes with the S Pen stylus, which really does have Wacom pressure sensitivity, even if only limited.)

Thoughts anyone?