How Many Brushes in Sketchbook?

Autodesk Sketchbook

Dabs with Sketchbook brushes
Treasure Trove of Sketchbook Brushes.

Q: If you’ve got Sketchbook, what have you got?

A: One of the best mobile drawing and painting apps for Apple or Android, tablet, phablet or phone.

(Note that these varieties of Sketchbook were current at time of writing in 2013. For later versions and some great improvements see Which Version of Sketchbook?  April 2015.)

Sketchbook has four main varieties:

1. Sketchbook Mobile Express

2. Sketchbook Mobile

3. Sketchbook Express

4. Sketchbook Pro

1. Sketchbook Mobile Express

Sketchbook Mobile Express is the free version for phones and low resolution tablets, both Apple and Android.

This is a very basic, cut down variety of the app. Here there are only five brushes. For a first try with Sketchbook, it might be a good idea to have a go with it in this the simplest form. After all, it won’t cost you anything, and you do get a look at most of the tools.

You’ll be introduced to the ‘lagoon’, the central circle of tools which puzzled me at first. Here your five brushes are arranged around the circle, together with an eraser, a paint bucket and a button for entering text.

Here there is no fine tuning of brushes, but you do have a ‘puck’ for adjusting width and transparency.

There are also layers, together with a full colour wheel.

Apple painting
Apple Created in Sketchbook on iPhone

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Best Tablet Drawing and Painting Apps

Finding the Best Drawing and Painting Apps

for tablet, phablet or phone

Deep sea fish Devil's Lantern
Devil’s Lantern

Painted in Sketchbook and Photoshop Touch on Samsung Galaxy Note 8

It’s easy to be in the dark when it comes to fishing for drawing apps for an iPad or other tablet. Neither Android nor Apple makes it easy to track down the best apps for artists. Neither app store has a category for graphics apps.

  • ‘Photography’ gives you photo editing tools, useful for adding effects to a finished image, but not much good for drawing or painting.
  • ‘Entertainment’ comes up mainly with colouring books for kids.
  • ‘Productivity’ yields kit for scribbling notes or making diagrams.

Remarkable new apps for designers, illustrators, art students and image makers of all kinds are lurking down there somewhere. How do you find them? Continue reading Best Tablet Drawing and Painting Apps

Put Your Best Face Forward

Put Your Best Face Forward

iPad Mini: Adobe Ideas, Photoshop Touch. Mac: Painter.

Notice the variation in thickness of the blue person’s hair.

Is it possible that the new(ish) brush tool in Ideas on the iPad Mini really does have touch sensitivity?  The brush did certainly make a thicker stroke the harder I pressed with my finger. (But not when I tried with a stylus.)

I haven’t heard anybody boasting about a wondrous new pressure sensitivity in Adobe Ideas, however.

Maybe it just took me longer to press harder.

Sigh. Still only speed sensitivity for touch tablets then? (Except for Android Galaxy Notes with the S Pen stylus, which really does have Wacom pressure sensitivity, even if only limited.)

Thoughts anyone?