My Bear. A Drawing on an iPhone 6+.

Bear created from patterns on my iPhone 6 Plus
My Bear

When you start drawing on an iPhone 6+ you never know quite what your creation is going to turn into. I started out with the Symmetry mode in Sketchbook, duplicating and transforming the resulting lacy lunacy on another layer.

I’m never too keen on sharp lines and symmetry, and wanted to rough things up a bit, so I tried all kinds of special effects in Photoshop Touch.  None were quite right. I was just about to give up, when I suddenly noticed a bear looking at me. Gave him a shaggy pelt in Art Rage, a few more hairs in Sketchbook and a light in his eye.

On to Autodesk Pixlromatic for a frame and more beariness.

I have to confess to a few finishing touches in Painter 15 on Mac, but My Bear is really almost entirely a drawing on an iPhone 6+.

Photoshop Touch, Sketchbook or Painter Mobile?

Photoshop Touch is not only a photo editor. It’s an increasingly versatile painting app.

Photoshop Touch is a treat for the tablet artist with its new crop of as-you-like-it brushes, spray can, smudge and blend tools.

Two pigeons, one black, one white,

Pigeon and Antipigeon

Photoshop Touch painting on Galaxy Note 3

I’ve been comparing what it’s like to paint the same two birds with Photoshop Touch, Sketchbook and the new Painter Mobile on my Galaxy Note 3.

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Painting in Sketchbook Pro

Two pigeons, one black, one white. Painting in Sketchbook.
Pigeon and Antipigeon. Painting in sketchbook.

I found painting in Sketchbook Pro a bit easier than creating the same yin/yang birds in Photoshop Touch or Painter

I suspect this was only because I have more experience of painting in Sketchbook. For a long time Sketchbook was really the only artist quality painting app for Android. Photoshop Touch joined it only a few months ago. Painter Mobile counts its life in days.

* Note this update. Autodesk Sketchbook appeared on the scene after this was posted. It’s a completely rewritten, extremely versatile and more usably orgainised version of Sketchbook. Autodesk Sketchbook even has four Smudge brushes, long overdue!

Although it’s a little used mode, I did find Mirroring useful in Sketchbook Pro. I was able to draw both birds in one go.

Two birds, one white, one black.

Pigeon and Antipigeon in Painter Mobile

Painter Mobile too has a Mirroring mode. I failed to notice the icon for this at first, and created the second bird laboriously here, from a flipped copy of the first on a separate layer.

Surprisingly, Photoshop Touch appears to be the only app of the three I compared that does not offer mirroring. Maybe no great loss. In spite of being a handy short cut to drawing a pair of birds, mirroring is mainly useful for the fun you can have with making symmetrical kaleidoscopic patterns..

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