The Portrait


Man points to a picture frame, empty but for a circle.
The Portrait. Painted on iPad in Procreate.

An oval in a rectangle. What could that be but a portrait?

Well, it could be… But no. It’s a portrait. A portrait of whoever you like, expressing whatever emotion you choose.

To let you into a secret, the above incitement to pareidolia (seeing faces everywhere) began as a filled scribble.

One of my favourite occupations is dragging the Current Colour circle in Procreate digital painting app on my iPad to fill a closed shape I’ve just scribbled. I’m sure the excellent Procreate User’s Guide must mention this addictive process somewhere, but I haven’t found it.

iPhone Portrait

Julia Kay, originally uploaded by purple0wl.

If you’re keen on painting portraits, you’ll never be short of a model at Julia’s Portrait Party. Flickr groups, as far as I know, are all free to join, and this portrait group is a splendid opportunity.

Post up a photo of yourself for others to paint, and lo and behold, before you lies your choice of over a hundred fascinating faces to paint as you desire.

Marvellous. Not only does this give you an ever-increasing choice of mug shots young and old. The huge range of styles that other artists have used are sure to give you ideas.

You’ll find the Portrait Party here.

This portrait of Julia Kay was finger painted on my iphone. I laid down the foundations of her face with the app Gesture, working on the portrait itself in Brushes. Texture and lighting were added with the help of Photo Studio and Photo FX.

iPhone Art. In the Footsteps of the Famous.

Week 32: Alberto Giacometti, originally uploaded by purple0wl.

This week I’ve been posing on my iphone for a portrait by Alberto Giacometti

Mind you, I had to diet a bit, but I learned a lot…

Copying famous artists’ styles is a wonderful way of discovering your own iphone or ipod finger painting style.

Added to this, there’s nothing like imitating artists’ styles on your iphone as a Fine Art Appreciation course!

You really get to appreciate what it took to add magic to those marks.

There’s no excuse for iphone artist’s block with all that exhilarating subject matter about. Just toddle off to a gallery and get sketching – or Google search an artist here and now.

If you need yet more of a prod to get you going on iphone/ipod finger art, make your way to the Flickr group  Painting A Week on an Assigned Subject. Actually there are now two assigned subjects: an art work in a given artist’s style, and one on a given subject.