Why Procreate for iPad Sketching and Painting?


Is this the best sketching and painting app for iPad?

Big yellow bird regards tiny robin.
Sun Bird. A Scribble in Procreate.

ProCreate is a good name.

This drawing and painting app is certainly for the pros, though surprisingly simple to use for mere mortals.

It’s hard for simply anyone not to be creative with such a mesmerising array of brushes.

Added to this, Procreate is fast. So many good painting apps are let down by brushes that lag and drag. The Procreate ‘Silica’ engine is ultra powerful. Procreate boasts with reason that it renders strokes in 64 bit precision with speed and accuracy.

You can achieve a certain amount of pressure sensitivity if you have a Jot Touch, Pogo Connect or JaJa stylus. Set it up to vary width, transparency or both.

If you love textures you’ll have a ball in this app. Procreate can create images up to 4096 x 4096 pixels. With that amount of detail it’s possible to spray on wild and wonderful effects, and this app does it fast. The header on this page was created in Procreate.

Landscape with metallic gold effect

Created in an early version of Procreate

The latest edition has added further exotic brushes to the range. All can be fine tuned. Both the eraser and smudge tools are treated as just the same as brushes that apply paint. This gives extra scope for subtle blending. Continue reading Why Procreate for iPad Sketching and Painting?

Best Tablet Drawing and Painting Apps

Finding the Best Drawing and Painting Apps

for tablet, phablet or phone

Deep sea fish Devil's Lantern
Devil’s Lantern

Painted in Sketchbook and Photoshop Touch on Samsung Galaxy Note 8

It’s easy to be in the dark when it comes to fishing for drawing apps for an iPad or other tablet. Neither Android nor Apple makes it easy to track down the best apps for artists. Neither app store has a category for graphics apps.

  • ‘Photography’ gives you photo editing tools, useful for adding effects to a finished image, but not much good for drawing or painting.
  • ‘Entertainment’ comes up mainly with colouring books for kids.
  • ‘Productivity’ yields kit for scribbling notes or making diagrams.

Remarkable new apps for designers, illustrators, art students and image makers of all kinds are lurking down there somewhere. How do you find them? Continue reading Best Tablet Drawing and Painting Apps

Making Mountains. Painting with Procreate Palette Knife.

Mountains painted using Procreate palette knife
Mountains created using Procreate palette knife

I wanted to compare the Procreate palette knife tools with the palette knives in Art Rage and Sketchbook Pro painting apps.

I finger painted the mountains above on my iPad Mini making a good deal of use of the Procreate palette knife tool.

The Palette Knife may be called the Blender, Smudge or Smear Tool, but its basic action is the same whatever you call it. It’s a tool that moves paint that’s already on your digital canvas. You can adapt the Procreate palette knife to your fancy just like a brush. You have a huge number of options.

The Procreate eraser can be treated just like a brush in the same way.

Add this to the speed and responsiveness of Procreate and you’re off!