Fever Dream in Procreate

Fever Dream in Procreate, originally uploaded by purple0wl.

I started to count the drawing and painting apps I’ve tried for iPad and iPhone. Even put them on a spreadsheet to compare them. In the end I gave up. There were just too many.

In danger of going down with a bad case of App Overload, I cut down to just a few of the very best. Brushes, Sketchbook, Art Rage and Drawing Pad made the grade. Later on I added Procreate.

Today Procreate is top of the list. This painting app is lightning fast at very high resolution, and has a wondrous array of brushes.

In Procreate you can even make your own brushes. The mountains and cypress trees in the background above were my first try at DIY Procreate brushes. I didn’t get them quite right, but they did turn out to be easier than I expected.