Best Painting Apps for Android Tablet or Phone

Drawing and painting apps for Android tablets and phones have been looking up lately. True, there are still not nearly as many Pro level Android offerings as you can cram into an iPad. Still, if you like a variety of versatile tools, you now have a wider choice of painting apps for Android devices with offerings above kindergarten level.

Is Sketchbook Pro still the best of the painting apps for Android bunch? A day or two ago I’d have said yes. Now I’m not so sure.


Photoshop Touch has blossomed out with 24 new brush tips for its painting tools. 24 flowers made from Photoshop Touch brushes

New Brushes in Photoshop Touch. Stems are the strokes. Flowers are the dabs.

Added to the new brushes, Photoshop Touch has some natty wysiwyg (What You See Is What You Get) brush adjustment sliders. Once you get the hang of them, these are exceptionally easy to use.


I painted these mountains in Photoshop Touch a while ago. Delighted to have the new brushes.

Battle of the Brushes

The two main contenders for the crown of the Painting Apps for Android kingdom are created by giants of the graphics world.

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