Bamboo Feel Stylus is Pressure Sensitive. True?

Just got the new Wacom Bamboo Feel stylus. 

Wow! The Bamboo Feel is even better than the S-Pen!!

Now the bad news – for iPad users. You can only use the Bamboo Feel stylus on the Android Galaxy Note series.

The Galaxy Notes are the phones and tablets that come with the pressure sensitive S Pen stylus. I believe the Notes have an extra layer on the touch screen that allows pressure sensitivity.

Why get an extra stylus when you already have the S Pen?

  • Well, the Feel is more the size of an ordinary ballpoint pen than the rather fiddly S Pen. It’s easier to tap the screen with the button pressed for an instant screen grab.
  • The S Pen is sometimes reluctant to be prised out of its housing on the side of the machine.
  • The Feel is as light as a feather and has a cap to protect its nib.
Bamboo Feel. Trying out the stylus.
Bamboo Feel stylus is pressure sensitive. True?
  • The Bamboo Feel stylus is also just that little bit more pressure sensitive than the S Pen.

For the sampler above I tried four entry methods in Sketchbook on my Galaxy Note 2. These were: finger, the S Pen that came with the Note, a Bamboo Duo stylus, and lastly the Bamboo Feel. (The Bamboo Duo, also made by Wacom, is the marshmallow-on-a-stick type stylus you use on most phone and tablet touchscreens. It’s a little less of a blunt instrument than most, as the tip is slightly smaller.)

The Bamboo Feel is certainly the best stylus I’ve used on any mobile tablet or phone. 

Poor Man’s Mask on iPad Mini

Poor Man’s Mask on iPad Mini, originally uploaded by purple0wl.

Playing around on my new iPad Mini, I decided to have a go at making a ‘Poor Man’s Mask’ in Procreate.

I scribbled the mask on a new layer over the sky, then locked the layer transparency. This allowed me to daub on the red touches any old how, because the pigment would not now adhere to pixels without any paint on them.

You can do this in other mobile apps like Sketchbook, Art Rage and Brushes too.

I kept the mask as a reminder that this is a useful trick.

PS Strictly speaking, the mask is of course the area outside the scribbled image, because that is the area resistant to paint. While they are locked, those pixels must stay empty and therefore transparent. Try it.

Scribble Becomes Apple thanks to Android

This App Apple was a pain to make in Drawing Pad app for Android…until I discovered the S Pen on my Galaxy Note could vary the width of the crayons, making thick lines fluid and flexible.

Now I’m counting the hours to tomorrow, when Samsung are set to reveal the Galaxy Note 2.

Using the current S Pen may be a bit like painting with a cocktail stick, but this stylus is super responsive. I’ve heard tell that a more normal sized S Pen will come in the box with the Note 2. Hoping those rumours are true.