Apple Painted in Sketchbook Mobile for Android


Sketchbook Mobile App on the (Android) Galaxy Tab

Last in the Battle of the Apples

With the arrival of Autodesk Sketchbook Mobile, my Galaxy Tab became more of a professional artist’s tool. I’m still amazed by the number and variety of painting, drawing and photographic apps there already are for Android. Sketchbook takes another step up.

When its Honeycomb operating system gets going, specially written for tablets, Google is sure to gather more than the few current serious painting apps. Meanwhile Sketchbook Mobile is surely top Android finger painting application.

It’s possible to try the app out with the free version first, Sketchbook Mobile Express.

Even this free basic version is fast and responsive on the Galaxy touch screen (which actually is higher resolution than the iPad).

Choice of brushes is less in Express, and layers are fewer and less versatile than in the paid version.

Saving and exporting options are limited for free, but you may still have all you need.

Pay a ridiculously small sum compared with desktop prices, and you get a lot more in Sketchbook Mobile – er – Non-Express for Android.

Forty five brushes can be fine tuned like those for the iPad in Sketchbook Mobile. (See my previous apple, painted in Sketchbook Mobile on iPad. The app is very similar for both machines.)

Layers can be skewed or sized.

Select your colours from a rainbow or a palette in both versions, with sliders for tone and transparency.

On the unfortunate side, there are very few stages of Undo here, so you’ll have to save your work often.

Still, talking of saving, Sketchbook Mobile exports or emails artwork not only as .jpg or .png, but with layers intact as a Photoshop .psd.

IAMDA Conference

Q. Do you draw or paint on your phone or iPad?

If yes, go to the next question. If no, you’re probably not reading this…

Q. What does IAMDA stand for?

A. The International Association of Mobile Digital Artists.

Exciting news! IAMDA are holding their first ever get-together very soon.

Q. When?

A. October 23rd to 24th.

Q. Where?

A. New York.

Q. How do I find out more?

Click this link to go to the IAMDA site.

iPad App Sketchbook. Artist’s Brushes.

Sketchbook Mobile Brushes, originally uploaded by purple0wl.
I’ve been trying out the range of brushes you have to choose from in Sketchbook Mobile painting app. If you’re an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch artist, you may find the resulting sampler interesting, even useful.

Sketchbook Mobile brushes in the sampler are mostly at their default settings, but you can ring the changes on them in quite a number of ways.

In Sketchbook you can choose a Soft, Sold or Hard version ot your brush.

You can set the minimum and maximum width of your stroke.

You can set the minimum and maximum opacity of your paint.

You can even throw in the spacing of the dab your brush makes, for a dotted or continuous line.

P.S. Confession. This is is not a Sketchbook Mobile opus through and through. Antiquing was added in PhotoStudio. I did the lettering in iDoodle. Even the owl crept in via Brushes app.