The Art of Expressive Colour


Wherever you go with a smartphone, you go with a camera. Oh yes, you can shoot everything in sight, but really you can’t beat the freedom of sketching to express what you feel about what you’re looking at.

A photo is a record but a drawing is a memory.

You see more intensely when you draw than when you simply snap a photo of a subject.

Sketch on a tablet, phablet or phone and you have a full studio toolbox with you as well as a camera.

Expressive colour makes mood moodier

Most mobile drawing or painting apps include a rainbow palette of colours, literally at your fingertips – without the fag of carrying a paintbox or bundles of crayons.

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iPhone Art App Mixer, Uninvited Guest.

IPhone Art App Mixer, originally uploaded by purple0wl.

How many iphone art apps were used to create this image? Four, if I remember rightly. Maybe more.

The background started life as an iphone photo of a doorway in Barcelona. After a tracing in Vihgo followed by a mashup in Photo Studio it was never the same again.

The monastery was embedded into the background in Juxtaposer. The Art App Mixer was added on a separate layer in yet another iphone app, Brushes.

I have a feeling this promiscuous piece would not be invited to the party over at Inspire! (More about that at the Inspire Contest page.)