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Save Space with a Scrabble Scramble

Space is short in an animated logo

Save the day with an anagram

If you are a designer short of space in an animated logo, a graphic for phones or other small animation, how about playing a game of mental Scrabble?

When an animated logo features a word or two, you can break them up into letters. Scramble them. Shuffle them around a bit. You never know. They might turn into something else.

Of course, if you're good at crosswords you have a head start.

You need to have animation (and luck!) for this anagram method to work.

I had a bit of good fortune with the animated logo below, inspired by the inside of my kettle. It was for HWD water softeners. Well, what do water softeners soften? HARD water! Beginning and ending with the same two letters as HWD.

animated logo - water drop

Animation of course is a space saver in itself, since it runs on the spot. You show several frames in succession all on the same area.

The object of playing this Scrabble game is to see how many letters you can leave unchanged from frame to frame.

This can save yet more valuable file space, since an animated gif file (usually) records only the bits that are different in each frame.

The background all goes in Frame 1, and does not have to be repeated over and over again.

This is all there is on frame 7 of the HWD logo above. Just the bits that are different.

facial expression - gif
Here is frame 8

letter W - gif
'W' replaces 'AR' at frame 16

There you are.

Next time you make an animated logo or other tiny animation, try animated Scrabble!

Making an Animated Logo.
Save space with a game of Scrabble!

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